We bought a house!

We closed on our house today! We originally planned to closed in April, but due to the Coronavirus crisis, we pushed the closing a month. Everyone involved decided that a “remote closing” would be most appropriate at this time. On Wednesday, we wired a large amount of money to our attorney, Jamie Abrams of Bass & Abrams, PC. Jamie has done a great job of working with us throughout this entire process. She was referred to us by a long-time friend.

In our remote closing the title insurance company helped coordinate everything. Of course, it helped that we were working with people we trusted! (After all, the Scarborough Presbyterian Church is hardly going to abscond with our money!) We worked with Mitch Usavich of Statewide Abstract Corporation to handle the title search and insurance. James Simmons was the lawyer representing the Church.

Finally, the realtors gave us guidance throughout the entire process. We worked with Randy Florke and Mary Jones of The Rural Connection; the Church was represented by Kathryn Davis of ERA.

Interestingly, due to the crisis, we haven’t even met our lawyer in person! When things get less crazy, we’re hoping to have her over!

It’s been an interesting process. This wasn’t a standard closing, given the interaction with the state and the coincidence of the virus. But everyone did a great job.

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