Hired a surveyor

Part of a closing process is getting Title Insurance. Investopedia has a great definition of Title Insurance. Basically, it insures that the title of the property does not have any liens against the property, and that what you are buying is what you think you are buying.

The seller of the property hires a title insurance company. Part of the process of getting the title insurance is ensuring that there is a valid, up-to-date survey of the property. This survey is generally paid for by the purchaser of the property.

The survey company performances an ALTA Land Title Survey. (ALTA stands for the American Land Title Association.) ALTA and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) created standards for surveys for the purpose of a title search; the NSPS has a detailed document describing the Land Title Survey.

In addition to the Land Title survey, we’re also having the back line of the property against the Sparta Cemetery staked. When a property line is staked, metal or wood stakes are put into the ground with markers to delineate the exact property line. This will allow us to visually see the end of the property–including which trees will be on our property.

We also considered doing a detailed topographical survey. This kind of survey shows the elevation lines across the entire property; any major construction including the house, driveway, and walls; as well as the location of all of the trees. We decided against doing the topographical survey for now since we will be removing dead trees. We may do one of these in the future.

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